Size Guides


All ladies apparel featured on our website is based off a fit model. Please refer to the sizing chart below to help determine your measurements. The sizing chart shows the conversion and measurements in cm. As sizing can vary from garment design, fabric and structure, we suggest using the sizing chart as a general guide to finding your measurements. If you have any sizing concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Please note, we do not have standardised sizing and fit, and sizing may vary from person to person based on fabric, style and design.

The measurements shown below refer to body measurements.





Confused about what size to choose? The joy of something handcrafted is that no two items are ever exactly the same. The Mochilas often differ from the size specifications by about 2cm, but the images below should give you a good indication. If you are still unsure, send us a mail or WhatsApp us for further assistance. 


                     Medium                                             Large

medium-mochila  large-mochila



*due to the white images of the bags, they may appear bigger than what they are as they stand out. Please keep this in mind when selecting a size, these bags are generally not very big bags. The Mochilas in the image are also filled for fullness, which would not be the case in everday use.